The Discovery Of The Daddy Mood

The Case Of The Ex With Approval Fixation

The Definition of A Daddy Mood

daddy mood


  1. the frustration resulting from expectation set from one’s father
  2. a preoccupation with replicating or doing what your parents’ think you should do
  3. A literal and obsessive interpretation of following in someone’s footsteps

A History of ‘Daddy Mood’

The origin of the daddy mood begins with my ex-boyfriend, Anthony. His somewhat problematic nature was endearing at the beginning of our relationship. But I grew tired of it. Especially once I discovered the daddy mood. Which happened frequently.

My First Observation Of A Daddy Mood

Anthony was applying for subjects in his third year at university. Picking his schedule and working through his ‘options’.

Diagnosis Of A Daddy Mood (A Study)

When I woke up in my bed, I didn’t feel like socialising, especially around the friends Anthony and I shared. But as one learns, daddy moods are unpredictable and can occur at the most inconvenient times.

Daddy Mood Equivalents

‘Mother Mood’

I was looking online at used cars, trying to find a little town car for work and university.

‘Sibling Mood’

Two years after the car incident, Anthony was attempting to move out of his parent’s Toorak palace. Attempt, because it never happened.

Do You Suffer From Daddy Mood?

Sufferers of daddy mood aren’t a rare breed but are prone to denying the condition exists. You won’t die from daddy mood. But the realisation that you’re basing your standard on your family’s ideals can be confronting. Daddy moods are often unidentifiable by the sufferer. Most attest to diagnosis from outside sources, such as significant others and divorce lawyers.

Is there such a thing as survivors of daddy mood?

Like most conditions, recovery is possible, but not for the first documented case.

Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way//

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