That Time We Contemplated Getting Back Together With ‘The Ex’

And the sense we needed to survive

This article is rated: break-up reconsidering. Best read with trashy romance movie on standby. Fiction level — how true the story is/close to actual events (out of 5): ⭐⭐⭐

James And His Ex, Again

James and I worked together at an accounting firm. I was an assistant, and he was a junior manager. Two days ago I learned he reunited with his ex-boyfriend. This move has his inner circle, including me, somewhat nervous.

Weston And The Perpetual Ex

Weston (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, read who he is here) was a serial ex-girlfriend desperado. He loved women, but he especially loved women he couldn’t have.

Julie Loved Sleeping With The ‘Ex’

Julie’s messed up pastime was to date the same men over again.

Anne Never Told You How She Felt About Your Ex

I always enjoyed Anne’s take on dating and the ex. She would never tell you if she liked, loved or loathed who you were dating until you had decided. Then it was a free for all. But when any of The Girls attempted to reconcile with an ex, she remained unnervingly silent.

Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

I wonder why we want to torture ourselves again.

Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way//

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