She Said She’s In A Relationship… On Our Date

Save Me, Blunt BFF, I’m Drowning!

Tom, dating disaster victim

Hi Tom

It Has To Look Like She Is Doing The Right Thing

If she doesn’t tell you she’s in a relationship, she thinks it’s unfair to her other half. She knows her partner would want her to shut down advances from people like you. They would want her to declare that she is with someone else.

She Doesn’t Like You

Flirty people are often calling upon this clarification to undo their misleading behaviour. At some point, they realised they’ve given off the wrong signal, and they’re backtracking. Despite all the opportunities to clarify the status of their relationship, they don’t.

The Date Was Bad, As Were You

It would be nice, no, decent, if she could grow up and tell you she’s changed her mind and does not like you. Or that the date was a disaster, and it’s a firm ‘no’ to moving forward with you.

Subtext Or No, It’s Time To Run

Though she may not be convinced of her relationship, you should be.

Forget she exists.

This girl ‘in a relationship’ is your worst nightmare. She won’t be your forever girl, no matter how hard you try. Turn off your flirt when you’re around her. Friend-zone her. She’s already friend-zoned you, so make it official in your mind too.

Your Blunt BFF

Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way//

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