My Girlfriend Suddenly Started Hiding Her Phone From Me

Is she cheating on me, Blunt BFF?

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Is my girlfriend cheating on me?

My girlfriend has always been remarkably open about her life. She has always left her phone around in front of me, let me borrow it to make calls, and even offered it for maps when we go driving. There is no secrecy over her device.

Blunt BFF Verdict: 50% Certainty Of Cheating

The Blunt Reasons Why: Passcode Secrecy

I can’t ignore the way she has abruptly added the passcode but not given you the details. If it truly was for work, then there shouldn’t be any issues with you having the code. In fact, in case of an emergency, you should have it. You may need to access information to help her/save her.

The 50% Chance She Isn’t

You might have stuffed up on the passcode

If you had to put money on the fact she hasn’t told you the passcode, how much would you bet? Could you honestly bet a big sum of cash on the fact she didn’t tell you and you weren’t listening?

What You Can Do With Your Cheating Suspicion

Ask her for the passcode

If you think she’s being evasive and hiding something on her phone, ask to use her phone. Whilst I don’t advocate testing her, it clarifies whether you should have known the code or not. Or you can ask her what the code is, as cooly as that.

What Do You Do If She Refuses To Give It To You?

Ask her why you can’t have it

If she denies you access, and she won’t provide the code, your suspicion will intensify. Here is your opportunity to ask why, and see what her reasoning is for restricting access to you.

Don’t accuse, but explain how it looks

You don’t want to throw around accusations of cheating because she doesn’t give you her passcode. The two events aren’t intrinsically linked.

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