‘How Many of Us Out There Are Having Great Sex With People We’re Ashamed to Introduce to Our Friends?’

How relevant is Sex and The City? S1, Ep.6: ‘Secret Sex’

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“Let’s just say it, it’s the naked dress I mean you’re obviously going to have sex with him tonight. “

— Charlotte

The Naked Dress

The shoe-string, nude coloured slip dress is everything. We can’t deny how full-circle fashion has come. You can find a version of this dress on almost every fast fashion website available now.

“Wait a second, if you’re serious about this guy, you can’t sleep with him on the first date.”

— Charlotte

The Dating Rules

Charlotte and her dating rules, a character trait she holds right to the end. She is the queen of rules and following the rules. She’s also known for testing them, and ensuring her friends know and understand them. But how do the rules hold up? Do we still have dating rules? I find myself asking.

How The Rules Came About: A Theory

“The women who wrote that book, they wrote it because they couldn’t get laid. So they constructed this whole bullshit theory to get women who can get laid feel bad.”

— Samantha

I enjoyed Samantha’s take on how the rules came about. Samantha’s view on life always promotes female sexual liberation. If you want to have sex, have sex. If you don’t, don’t inflict your issues on the people around you. Do you.

Breaking The Rules

The moment her dating experience with Mr Big doesn’t feel right, Carrie thinks she’s broken a rule. She thinks that Big is hiding her, or trying, and isn’t as serious about her as she assumed. And she blames the dress and the behaviour that comes with wearing the dress.

The Rules Of Shame

As much as there are the rules of dating, there seem to be the anti-rules. What you do when you’re not trying to date someone. When you’re keeping your great sex a secret. Shameful yet fulfilling sex.

How Well Has This Episode Aged?

Assumptions. The joy of assumptions in dating, and the way our nearest and dearest feed into them. The episode is ageless in a way that assumptions will always come into our lives, destroy what we know, and ruin what we hold dear. Assumptions will forever destroy relationships, both romantic and platonic.

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