Hey, I’m Ellen.

Ellen "Jelly" McRae
3 min readSep 16, 2022

Hey you, thanks for checking out my profile! I promise not to let you down!

I’m Ellen “Jelly” McRae (you can thank my husband for the nickname!) and I write the women’s fiction series 1 Lovelock Drive. It’s based on my life in Melbourne, the romances I’ve stuffed up and features the business I have now.

The fiction world is fun. But there is so much more that happens that I can’t ignore and love to share with you.

Here on Medium, you’re going to get from me:

  • What I’ve learned from joyful, all-encompassing love and seriously crappy relationships
  • What I know from my years building a business, becoming a writer and finding the guts to write about my experiences
  • What it’s like for someone to take an idea and turn it into a book (if you’re a behind-the-scenes nut like me, shout out!)
  • Failures, wins and everything in between, because I believe you don’t get anywhere focusing on one part of your life
  • The fiction series I’m writing (yes, it’s published right here on Medium!)

We might be friends who fight

What I can’t promise is that I will always say something you agree with, or share the same experience as you. The beauty of this platform is that we all have different experiences and we get to share this with everyone.

I try to keep an open mind and hear my friends out, I trust you’re the same way!

Sorry, this ain’t free! (But already know this!)

Medium is a membership program. It means the majority of things you read here are for paying members only. So to become permanent friends, you need a membership*.

Thankfully it’s super cheap!

Request away:

I want to make sure I’m helping you see relationships from a new, fresh and practical perspective.

Use the comments section of this article to leave as many article requests as you like!

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Ellen "Jelly" McRae

I’m here to use my wins and losses in #relationships as your cautionary tale | Writes 1LD; Cautionary tale women's fiction | https://linktr.ee/ellenjellymcrae