Cheating On His Pregnant Wife

Is that what’s happening, Blunt BFF?

Is my husband cheating on me?

I’ve found messages on my husband’s phone and now I’m worried he is cheating on me.

Blunt BFF Verdict: 90% Certainty Of Cheating

The Blunt Reasons Why: Hiding The App

If he wasn’t cheating on you, he wouldn’t have the app hidden from you. He wouldn’t keep it buried away deep into his phone where you can’t find it. Even if it’s not physical cheating, say it’s emotional cheating, he is hiding it from you. The hiding is the concern.

Change In Your Life

There is change going on in your life and that can trigger cheating. I’ve seen many men and women act out when a change in their life has happened and they weren’t ready for it. Even when plans go ahead, the reality can be too much.

Pet Names In Real Life

Because there wasn’t any used on the app, doesn’t mean they aren’t engaging in flirting or using pet names used in real life. As a former cheater, I knew how to make electronic communication appear innocent. It’s the cheater’s prerogative; don’t get caught with your pants down.

The 10% Chance He’s Not

There could be a big surprise on the way for you, and he’s trying his best to hide it from you. This girl could be an event planner, planning a big baby shower for you. They could be meeting to run through the plans or inspect a location.

What You Can Do With Your Cheating Suspicion

What you want to avoid is making a permanent decision on a temporary emotion. Or without the facts.

Don’t Go Snooping Again

Though you might have the urge to find more evidence, you will send yourself crazy with the ‘what if’. And you might find something you didn’t want or need to know. Resist the urge, as impossible as that may seem.

Ask Him

Yes, there may be a logical reason why he is meeting up with a female and hiding it from you. It could be for a surprise, or business-related, or something that he doesn’t want to worry you about. But you can’t make excuses for this without the facts. The only way you will get the facts is by asking.

A Confrontation Comes With A Warning

As you have snooped through your husband’s phone, he may have something to say. The ‘breach of trust’ argument might enter the ring. By looking through his phone, you have done something to suggest you don’t trust him.

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