“Are Men In Their Twenties The New Designer Drug?”

How relevant is Sex and The City? S1, Ep.4: “Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys”

“As I walked away, I had a thought: Maybe all men are a drug. Sometimes they bring you down… and sometimes, like now, they get you so high.”

— Carrie

Belief #1: Men In Their Forties Confuse The Four

“Men in their 40s are like the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle: tricky, complicated… and you’re never really sure you’ve got the right answer.”

— Carrie

Belief #2: Twenty-something Men Are Good For Cheap Thrills

“Twenty-something guys always know the really important “B” people. Busboys, bouncers. Plus, they have cute butts.”

— Carrie

Belief #3: No One Understands What Twenty-something Men See In Women In Their Thirties

“Okay, we were attracted to younger men for various reasons. But I couldn’t help but wonder: What do they see in us?”

— Carrie

How Well Has This Episode Aged?

Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way// https://ellenjellymcrae.com/

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