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Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life, business and love the hard way.

We met for a reason.

What reason I’m not so sure. And maybe you don’t either. Yet we’re here together, figuring this life out the hard way. Though I despise silver linings, at least we’re not alone in this adventure.

I’m not your average writer. I don’t always follow convention. I enjoy breaking down the perception of how writers behave and the way they present themself online. I’m inspired by Andy Warhol, the pop culture master who challenged the idea of convention. …

The often-overlooked ‘wins’ when you feel you have failed

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I have many failed businesses on my entrepreneurial resume.

I have a defunct website design business. I have an Etsy store earning pittances despite five years of painful development. I have a defunct online directory, with an evaporated friendship and any hope of recouping the start-up costs. I have more business failure than I care to admit.

I can’t blame everything on the pandemic. Most of my businesses suffered financial fatality long before the world suffered together. Sometimes I invent a scenario when I could blame all my failures on the global crisis. …

The writer’s life is nothing like Carrie Bradshaw’s

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Carrie Bradshaw’s life.

Less thinking, more analysing.

The television show, more so than the book, depicts the unattached writer as a free-spirited goddess. A writer who works from home, who possesses the finances and time capacity for a luxurious lifestyle. All without arduous hours over the keyboard.

Carrie’s represents the writer fallacy. An ability to enjoy extended lunches no matter the day. The flexibility for all hours affairs followed by nightly cocktails. But her unrealistic workload, of producing one article per week, is the clincher.

Characters like Carrie Bradshaw has generations envious of the…

How I avoided a life of misery, even though some of my friends weren’t so lucky

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Are we destined to find Prince Charming? Or will our princess be waiting at the top of the tower, waiting for us to rescue them?

The short answer is no.

We’re wise enough to know that the love fairy tale doesn’t exist. We know these are stories set in a land where people don’t age, evil people suffer in misery, and the heroes find happiness.

With our wisdom and dating maturity, we know the fairy tale doesn’t exist. So with this tiny part of cynicism instilled into us, we give up on the idea of finding “Mr/Miss Right”. And settle for “Mr/Miss Right Now”.

Too often we compromise more than we should. We give up on being with someone we’re attracted to, that makes us…

The red flags that tell whether your idea is worth pursuing

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In business, the adage “what’s meant to be will be” doesn’t apply.

We rarely rely on chance. We don’t put our success in the hands of the universe. When we assume everything will righten itself, like magic, we secure our failure.

But what about what isn’t meant to be? Every entrepreneur encounters an idea that looks to be our next money maker. It comes wrapped in an irresistible, polished presentation, tempting the brightest of professionals.

But underneath the glimmer, there is a dud business idea. And every one of our entrepreneurial skills is tested as we resist pursuing the idea.

They’re doing more damage than fixing our problems

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“It could be worse.”

Every time I endure challenging moments, someone reminds me not to despair. That my already miserable situation isn’t as awful as it could be.

And I hate it.

The moral compass inside me is holding back the anger, stopping me from telling that person where to go. But I can’t ignore this urge. The frustration. The annoyance. The way I don’t feel any better at looking on the bright side. Or, as it’s technically known as, finding the silver lining on the dark cloud.

For a long time, I’ve listened to my moral compass. I’ve promised…

And It Usually Has Very Little To Do With Our Relationship With Them

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My ex broke up with me on our two-year anniversary.

When I asked him what we were doing to celebrate the big day, he said we wouldn’t be celebrating. We were over.

I don’t know what sucked more. The fact he was choosing this day of all days to do it. Or the fact that inevitable had finally played out without my ability to stop it.

I wish I could lament over his decision, feign surprise in some way. Yet, I knew the break up was coming. I could see the warning signs for months. I watched his behaviour change…

And why the legal implications are the least of your concerns

What is every website designer’s most requested design concept?

Many of you would say it’s an online store. Or a landing page. Membership websites are popular too. Alas, your guesses would be wrong.

The most requested design concept is that of any existing website. Copy an existing website design. Take inspiration from a competitor. Replicate the design for my business.

No matter how it’s put, it’s copying none the less.

From my days as a website designer, I spent hours convincing business owners to stay away from copying existing designs. It was against my ethics to copy a design without…

Don’t make assertions you will live to regret

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The singles in my life have staged a rebellion. While once hopeful and optimistic about the idea of love, my single friends declare they’ve changed. They don’t need to find romantic love, nor does their future have a partner in it. They are no longer looking for the one.

Love is now far from their priority. Love is a concept that means nothing in this strange and difficult place to navigate.

In short, love is dead. If you don’t have it by now, the search is over.

There was a moment of sadness when they said this. It felt like…

Why there is no excuse for these mistakes in modern-day business

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I have worked for some terrible businesses.

Let me qualify the level of terrible. Three businesses closed a year after I quit, and two others stripped their workforce of all my colleagues.

I had worked for so many dismal businesses that I didn’t know what a good one was for most of my employment years.

What I’ve always found interesting the continuity between these so-called professionals. All were very different business offering varied products and services. Yet they were all identical repeat offenders of identical business crimes.

If it was possible to attend school for bad business practices, all would…

Ellen McRae

Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way// https://ellenjellymcrae.com/

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