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Relationships. Drama. Bad Dates. Business Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way//

Welcome to the world of my experiences, and your rebellion

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We met for a reason.

The often-overlooked ‘wins’ when you feel you have failed

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How I avoided a life of misery, even though some of my friends weren’t so lucky

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Are we destined to find Prince Charming? Or will our princess be waiting at the top of the tower, waiting for us to rescue them?

Save your money. Don’t spend a dollar more than you need to. Focus on your bottom line.

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You see the struggle. You see the achievement. But why do we find a way to bring our loved ones down?

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The Heartbreak

Monica and Chandler are proof that your best friend could be your perfect partner.

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What happens when you have to move on without knowing what caused the break-up.

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Debunking the toxic misconceptions about mental health treatment we think we know

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Influencers aren’t the enemy. Misunderstandings between them and the business is.

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We’ve all been there, but we can’t let a bad month spiral out of control. Follow these strategies to get back on top, quickly.

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Ellen McRae

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