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Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life, business and love the hard way.

We met for a reason.

What reason I’m not so sure. And maybe you don’t either. Yet we’re here together, figuring this life out the hard way. Though I despise silver linings, at least we’re not alone in this adventure.

I’m not your average writer. I don’t always follow convention. I enjoy breaking down the perception of how writers behave and the way they present themself online. I’m inspired by Andy Warhol, the pop culture master who challenged the idea of convention. …

The often-overlooked ‘wins’ when you feel you have failed

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I have many failed businesses on my entrepreneurial resume.

I have a defunct website design business. I have an Etsy store earning pittances despite five years of painful development. I have a defunct online directory, with an evaporated friendship and any hope of recouping the start-up costs. I have more business failure than I care to admit.

I can’t blame everything on the pandemic. Most of my businesses suffered financial fatality long before the world suffered together. Sometimes I invent a scenario when I could blame all my failures on the global crisis. …

The writer’s life is nothing like Carrie Bradshaw’s

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Carrie Bradshaw’s life.

Less thinking, more analysing.

The television show, more so than the book, depicts the unattached writer as a free-spirited goddess. A writer who works from home, who possesses the finances and time capacity for a luxurious lifestyle. All without arduous hours over the keyboard.

Carrie’s represents the writer fallacy. An ability to enjoy extended lunches no matter the day. The flexibility for all hours affairs followed by nightly cocktails. But her unrealistic workload, of producing one article per week, is the clincher.

Characters like Carrie Bradshaw has generations envious of the…

How I avoided a life of misery, even though some of my friends weren’t so lucky

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Are we destined to find Prince Charming? Or will our princess be waiting at the top of the tower, waiting for us to rescue them?

The short answer is no.

We’re wise enough to know that the love fairy tale doesn’t exist. We know these are stories set in a land where people don’t age, evil people suffer in misery, and the heroes find happiness.

With our wisdom and dating maturity, we know the fairy tale doesn’t exist. So with this tiny part of cynicism instilled into us, we give up on the idea of finding “Mr/Miss Right”. And settle for “Mr/Miss Right Now”.

Too often we compromise more than we should. We give up on being with someone we’re attracted to, that makes us…

And why we owe our ‘toilets’ our gratitude

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I have a unique relationship with the most essential yet inanimate object in my life. It has sustained me through thick and thin. To date, it has never deceived me.

I can depend on this object in times of stress, discomfort and complete joy.

It’s my toilet.

To me, it isn’t just ceramic, plastic, buttons and plumbing. It’s significantly more than mechanics glued together. It’s a friend. It’s a tropical escape. It’s the safety of a warm embrace. It’s the place where I can be me without judgment or ridicule.

My familiar toilet is my saviour for every souring moment…

There isn’t anyone able to speak for you, but you.

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How many of you have broken up with a friend?

This style of break-up is, in many ways, worse than a romantic one. I didn’t think breaking up with my best friend could be any worse than it was. That was I until I realised I was splitting with our seven mutual friends at the same time.

By the time all the hurt and anger had passed through my body, it wasn’t our separation I found myself reflecting upon. It was the way it happened.

My best friend spoke for everyone when she said we couldn’t be friends anymore. …

Write like no one is editing.

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“How do you write so fast?”

Everyone wants to know the secrets of professional writing. Even those who aren’t seeking professional writing careers are wondering.

Every entrepreneur needs to be able to write. Email, social media content, website copy, the list of content is endless. And for most at the starting line, writing is one of the numerous tasks you’re required to learn and embrace.

Most people can put one word in front of the other. But how can you earn money from writing, in every avenue of business, if it takes all day to create one paragraph?

We don’t…

What happens when you no longer live with the consequences of hasty decision making

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Quick to emote. Quick to blubber over silly things. Quick to anger.

Yes, that was me.

I was an overreactor.

My lovers were always in my emotional firing line. I would obsess over anything a lover would say, pouncing on one word.

At the hint of my partner looking at another woman, I would break off the relationship. At the slightest criticism from a friend, I would fly off the handle with my anger. With beautiful hindsight, I now know my reactions were irrational and hasty. The worst combination.

This type of life was exhausting. I found myself in a…

How I turned my job-hopping into a valuable commodity

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In my family, my continual changing of jobs and career paths has become a running joke.

I’ve worked as a retail sales girl, climbing the ranks to store manager. I’ve been the barista making coffees at the local café. I’ve worked as a copywriter for a tech start-up. This is just to name a few.

My brother-in-law kept asking me how the new job was going. One day I questioned him.

“I didn’t tell you I had a new job.”

He laughed. “No, I assumed you did.”

If he was laughing I couldn’t imagine who else was laughing at me…

The true meaning of working smarter, not harder

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I ventured into the freelance writing world with hope.

As an optimistic entrepreneur, I assumed there would be an abundance of paying opportunities. Most writing advice pointed to this conclusion. And why should I doubt the successful freelancers paving the way?

Yet, I found myself on the writing platforms that demanded high-quality content at low-paying rates. I, like many freelance writers at some point in their careers, turned to content mills. The dreaded, impossible to crack content mills.

What defines content mills, or farms, is their strategy. Their customer pays very little for quality SEO optimised content. …

Ellen McRae

Relationships. Drama. Gossip. Innuendo. Bad Dates. Failures. Learning about life/business/love the hard way// https://ellenjellymcrae.com/

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