You can make a fine living in a pair of heels | Indulge in the process:

And why I know it’s a good thing for the friends to drop away.

A close friendship group | Image created on Canva

At thirty-three, my world is getting smaller.

When I was a kid, it looked like my life was getting bigger. And in many ways it does. You grow taller, your hips get bigger, your bills get bigger. And when a mini you comes along, your responsibilities triple in an instant…

What you’re doing is alien to most. And that’s perfectly ok.

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The solopreneur journey isn’t a new one, but we all act like it is.

With the side hustle culture combined with working from home, we all think this journey to independent financial freedom is a new battle.

But I’m sad to say, it’s one I’ve been on for most of…

My boss seemed to think I had a choice. But I didn’t.

Your boss asking you? Well that’s just one person using this technique | Image created on Canva

It’s been years since I’ve worked for someone else.

When everyone was getting used to working from home, I continued my day job. Track pants, couch time, and an endless work clock that never stopped.

For some reason, when it comes to taking time off my business, I rarely do…

I’m going to lie anyway.

This is the don’t bother asking face | Image created on Canva

The awkward conversation; it’s time. Call it the adult, relationship version of the birds and the bees.

You’ve hit the moment where your union is going to the next step and you want to know a little more about the person you plan to share your bed with.

And for…

I wish it wasn’t so complicated. But alas…

Space? Or space?! Which one? | Image created on Canva

Space. I need it, I want it, give it to me. Yeah, what the hell does that mean?

Space is something that we should all understand to mean the same thing. In the context of needing it personally, it should be quiet time, a moment by yourself. …

…6. The meaning of life is to sleep with a famous person

Rich people problems? Or lessons? | Image created on Canva

My ex-bestie, Olivia, started going to a holistic meditation class to get some clarity about her self proclaimed woeful dating life. Two sessions later, she was sleeping with a famous man. Life restored.

The very well know actor, who shall remain nameless, but we will call Mr Famous, told her…

They aren’t your boss, but it doesn’t stop them from sacking you.

Pack up your things | Image created on Canva

It’s not possible for people to fire you in the same ways bosses can. Or at least that’s what we assume until someone gives us the almighty chop.

I thought it was impossible too. Your friends, family, lovers didn’t hire you. But at some point, they did acquire you in…

A fabulous marketing mistake? Or a terrible win?

Beauty influencer filming content
Fabulous or a horrible mistakes? | Image created on Canva

I used to be an influencer on Instagram. Before I continue, I politely ask you not to judge.

The term influencer is a hated one for most, especially when you feel like the influencer economy is destroying business. Or posing challenges to your marketing. I’ve been there with the frustration.

An open letter to the friends and family of solopreneurs and creatives who wish their loved ones understood a little bit more

Stand by me, please | Image created on Canva

Dear (insert loved one)

The person you care about the most, (insert your name here), feels like you might not understand what happens in their life. Scrap that. If you’re reading this, you have no idea what happens in their entrepreneurial life at all.

I know they have a seemingly…

Ellen McRae

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